A Few Words About Us

At HarmonizeYourChakras, what inspires us to create beautiful Chakra healing bracelets lies within the core of our belief. Simply believing in HELPING our fellow humans live a healthy, positive, and more focused life is the main reason for dedicating our love, care, attention, and time to every piece of bracelet that is designed and crafted.

The name, Harmonize Your Chakras, derives from the notion of balancing and aligning the main seven Chakras (Energy Centers) in our bodies. As you may already know, there are seven main Chakras that are aligned along our spine, starting at the bottom of our spine and ending at the top of our head. They control and influence how our bodies process emotions and resist against illness. If the seven Chakras go out of harmony, this can adversely affect our physical and psychological health. Hence, wearing Chakra bracelets help redirect negative energy out and absorb and channel positive energy into our system. Playing a small role in contributing towards having a more balanced and healthier life is our foremost intention for creating beautiful Chakra healing bracelets.

All of our bracelets are made from carefully selected high quality natural round 8mm semi-precious gemstone beads and are meticulously handcrafted. Not only do our bracelets consist of many healing benefits and properties, they also provide the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our bracelets come in different sizes – please refer to our sizing chart for more details – and are comfortable and easily fit with a high quality elastic cord.

We are based in CA, USA, and that is where our bracelets are custom-designed and carefully crafted with our blessings. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we wish everyone a life filled with positive energy. We are glad to be at service, and we hope you find what you love among our products. 


नमस्ते !


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or suggestions you might have.

email: info@harmonizeyourchakras.com